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PR (Public Relations) has become very popular over the past few years, with more and more companies becoming aware of its importance and effectiveness. That said PR is often perceived by industry as just frequently bombarding publications with press releases until one sticks and some editorial coverage is achieved, which can just dilute the message.

Viewing PR as just a press release is over simplifying it. Public Relations is an exciting marketing tool and when completed effectively can be extremely powerful and economical.

Public Relations is perfect in educating and informing consumers about a company's environmental, political and ethical concerns and providing reassurance that brands they purchase or services they use meet their own moral standards. It’s all about developing positive reputations, maintaining goodwill and creating awareness through any and all media.


  Whether generating editorial coverage, utilising sponsorship opportunities or organising the event of the year, PR is employed to influence opinion and behaviour for the better. Having a clear public relations strategy in place will help to promote your company when there are good things to say.

Over recent years there have been various publicity stunts to achieve media coverage, for example FHM magazine projecting a nude image of Gail Porter onto the side of The Houses or Parliament or when the UK’s directory enquiry company '118 118' got their moustache runners to appear at Wimbledon sitting in the crowd and being seen on the non-ad-funded BBC. It is cheeky stunts such as these that are capturing the attention of the press and really demonstrating the power of PR.

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