Marketing tips

Make a large impact from a small budget.

In these difficult times it's easy to see why companies feel the need to tighten their budgets. But cutting back on marketing could undo all the good work you've been doing over the last few years.

The downturn is a good time to get your branding and marketing message right, ready for the next upturn - which will come!

Here are a few money saving marketing tips to help your business.

1. Don't do one marketing job at a time!
It's easy to get caught in the trap of doing a brochure one month and some sales flyers 3 months later. If you plan ahead you can print items together. This will give you a massive saving at the printers, especially if all the items are printed on the same stock of paper.

2. Look for a full-service marketing and design agency. 
By not splitting projects across website, graphic design and advertising agencies you will spend a lot less money and keep the same look and feel throughout.


  3. Beware of D.I.Y marketing
With all the pressure on marketing budgets, you may think it's more cost effective to do the creative work yourselves. 

Campaign Magazine UK recently listed 5 reasons why DIY marketing was a bad idea:

• Outside agencies can take a better overview of the business and market.
• Outside agencies don't have to respond to internal politics.
• External creatives can often give you a new look with a fresh pair of eyes.
• External creatives are trained, and can often produce work faster with less cost.
• Would you try fixing your boiler at home, or would you call an expert plumber?!

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