We create names that are relevant, positive, memorable, and distinctive enough to bring your products or services to the top of search engine results. We often try to create names to give people a mental image that helps them understand how something works or the benefits provided.

Because naming is about working within constraints, it’s important to know when to let go of a favourite idea that won’t work. Suppose you really want to use the word 'cutting' in your name, but you want to have a distinctive name and three competitors already have names built around that word. Forget 'cutting' and move on.

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Client needs a new name for his company. They produce a range of products that self-lubricate heavy vehicle hydraulics to protect them. After two weeks of work and research, looking at competitors worldwide and checking for registered names, we came up with an answer.

We took the word 'Halo' for protection and mixed it with the word 'mechanical' to create a new short, punchy name that hadn't yet been registered worldwide: the result was '
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